NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer

While you were pregnant, you read all kinds of books about breastfeeding and how uncomfortable being engorged can be when you milk starts to come in, yet you have been breastfeeding for over a week and still have not experienced this sensation. You have been talking to your baby’s pediatrician frequently to monitor wet diapers and weight gain, but it has come to the conclusion that you are not producing enough breast milk.

NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer may be just the thing you need. This over the counter product contains galactagogue (milk producing) herbs that work together to increase your supply of breast milk. NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer usually begins working in 1-3 days, and the company states that your milk supply will usually double in volume. You just have to remember that your milk supply is based on supply and demand, so keep breastfeeding!!

NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer does not contain any key ingredients including CoQ10, DHA, Choline, Inositol, and does not have probiotics.

NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer Ingredient Profile

  • Fenugreek Seed Powder, Blessed Thistle Powder
  • Other ingredients: Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin Capsules

Does NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer Contain all of the Key Lactation Vitamins and Nutrients?

As stated before, NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer does not contain any of the key ingredients that other high-end lactation supplements contain. Many people wonder why these key ingredients are so important while breastfeeding, but research has shown that all of these ingredients are very beneficial for both you and your baby. CoQ10 is a natural ingredient that helps ward off postpartum depression as your body bounces back from pregnancy. DHA helps with the development of your baby’s eyes and brain, and Choline helps improve your baby’s long-term memory. Probiotics are very beneficial for decreasing your baby’s chance of developing eczema or obesity later on in life.

The galactagogue herbs found in NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer are fenugreek and blessed thistle. Not only have these herbs been used for centuries, but researches have found that the lactation factors found in the fatty acids of the herbs are what actually increase your supply of breast milk. They also help increase the flow of blood to your mammary glands in your breast tissue to enrich your supply of milk.

NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer Pros

  • Over the counter
  • Usually begins working in 1-3 days
  • 6 capsules daily instead of drinking a bitter tea
  • Safe for mom and baby

NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer Cons

  • Expensive (costs around $1.30/day to take)
  • Lacks Probiotics and Colostrum
  • Does not contain the key ingredients CoQ10, DHA, Choline, or Inositol

My Professional Opinion

As a professional in the healthcare field, NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer seems like a pretty standard lactation supplement. Not only does it not contain any key ingredients, but it is also more expensive than some of the high-end products on the market that do contain all of the key ingredients. Don’t settle for mediocre when you can get a high-end product that will deliver all of the amazing benefits you should want and expect in a lactation supplement. So, if you decide that NuMOM Natural Milk Enhancer is not right for you, make sure you check out the top two products on

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